Vocal chords are stripped

Legs are numb

Witnessed a marriage proposal

Zayn Malik in a headband is the seven wonders of the world and all their entirety.

Zayn Malik EXISTS.

One Direction, man. One Direction


:-) :-) :-)

🆔 1D won-dee

Last year, when One Direction released “One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks),” a combination Blondie/Undertones cover they recorded for charity, the Guardian’s Adam Boult was prompted to start a list of songs that “must never be covered.” Never mind that 1D’s medley got a seal of approval from Blondie’s Debbie Harry herself; Mr. Boult said it was an “abomination” that somehow “tarnished” the original versions. So it’s not about the gender of the artist doing the cover—it’s about the gender (and age) of their fans. Think about it: Young, poppy acts, have largely young, female fan bases. I believe the reason rockist dudes feel so dang uncomfortable watching these artists cover songs by bands they love is that it points out that they might have something in common with fans of Miley, Lorde, 1D, etc. They might actually have something in common with teenage girls. And what could be worse than that?

Here’s what I want to tell these people: You could do a lot worse than sharing a teenage girl’s taste in music. The pantheon of acts who couldn’t have gotten famous without the support of teenage girls includes a lot of people and bands you probably respect a lot: Michael Jackson. Elvis Presley. The fricking BEATLES. When Nirvana were around, most of their fans weren’t 50-year-old rock critics; they were kids.


"If there was any indicator that The 1975 had well and truly ‘made it’, this show was it, and there was no better setting. Few bands can hold an audience in the palm of their hand quite like this four piece, and whilst every element of their live show seems gargantuan and fitting for the festival headline slots that will no doubt await them in the coming years, there is still a refreshing sense of naivety and emotion on display which ultimately leaves us rooting for them throughout, and will continue to for years to come." (x)
"You can’t keep dancing with the devil and ask why you’re still in hell"
Something my friend told me the other day (via im-simply-me)


i’m watching 13 Going on 30 and the moral of the story is be nice to the nerd who loves you and lives next door because in like 20 years he’s gonna turn into Mark Ruffalo



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